Fans of Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and Michael A. Stackpole will appreciate this new world of fantasy created by Robert Penner...

Before...Wizards protected the land from danger with an awesome display of light and power. Before...they went into hiding.

Then Darkness...

A terrible Dark Moon Shadow shrouds Elberoth as Elkzier pillage the countryside in search of those unchanged by the Dark Moon Magic.  With much of the land under the Black Wizards control, he seeks to destroy the Wizards of old and absorb their power.

Timson, the son of a simple sap farmer, is among the few who have not succumbed to the Dark Moon Magic, and is devastated by the destruction of his village and family. In search of the Green Wizard, he learns of his true heritage while teaming up with Mantier, a gritty, seasoned soldier from Harkton. Timson and Mantier embark on a journey of life and death in an effort to save their homeland from the evil that holds it captive.

Fantasy is back!

Dark Moon Shadow is a tale of action and adventure, friendship and betrayal, love and hate, courage and magic. Its characters suffer, die, survive, and fight for what they believe is right. Hold on tight and enter-in a world of imagination that will fulfill your appetite for Fantasy. Wizards, Gnomes, Elves, Elkzier, Dragons, and Magic come to life in this first book DARK MOON SHADOW! Secure your copy now and let the adventure begin!

You'll get:
  • an ebook in Kindle-compatible mobi format
  • a DRM-free ePub (compatible with iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Readmill)

  • adventure action fantasy magic wizards dragons dark elves dragon fantasy adventure gnomes wizard moon robert penner
    Language: English / Published: 12 May 2014


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    Indie author who loves to write and read fantasy novels.

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